Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry this must be so annoying, but the girl who pretended to be you on Catfish, her fake name was Brogan Acaster, right? I was just wondering, is your baby called Acaster too? And if so, did you choose the name after you found out about this all, or was it just like a weird coincidence?

anevergrowingwonder answered:

What MTV didn’t show is why Tia chose brogan acaster… It’s actually my best friends first name and boyfriends last name. She’s sick.

Caleb will be registered with the same last name as his daddy, so yes. Caleb Alan Acaster :)


Hey, everyone! This is the creator of Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You, here with a post I thought you all might like. WriterTed Anderson and I have made a pitch for a superhero comic!

The comic is about nine-year-old Lucia Marquez-Miller, who loves engineering, and uses her telekinetic powers to build and take things apart with her mind. She calls this power her spark!

As Spark, the world’s youngest superhero, she’s a junior member of a superhero team while also trying to live a normal life. Can Lucia juggle her friends and family while also saving the world from supervillains?

We’re posting a 15-page standalone comic here on tumblr to give readers an idea of what the book would be like.



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